At MigraBel™, our focus is to create an exceptional experience throughout the immigration process by putting an emphasis on the human facet of business. We provide our partners with top-tier customer service through careful attention to detail.

At MigraBel, you can expect a tailored personal experience from beginning to end, a commitment to progressive best practices for immigration, and effectual communication throughout the immigration process. Our quality products are competitively priced to bring you the most cutting-edge services, such as global workforce management training, at a cost effective rate.

We pledge to provide our clientele with an enjoyable immigration experience by committing to interpersonal interaction and promising distinctive excellence throughout the lifetime of our services.

Our commitment to experience can be defined through the following guiding values:


We operate our counsel in a professional manner with a commitment to the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

Personal interaction

The business of immigration is a deeply humanistic topic. We prioritize the experience of the individual at the center of the immigration process; we are intricately mindful of the impactful results that the course of immigration brings to that person and his/or her family members.

The low threshold approach

Our value for the human experience could not be authentically upheld without open, low threshold levels of communication between our staff and clientele. Our immigration professionals are available to answer questions and provide feedback to our clients at any time. We believe in “The 48-Hour Window”, whereby our clients can expect follow up and responsiveness within 48 hours of initial contact at any time during the immigration process.

Service Excellence

Our dedication to industry leading service is the driving factor for our continual edification in the field of immigration. Our staff is able to provide the most pragmatic and innovative assistance to our client base by having this comprehensive dedication immigration law and procedural education in our field.

We define our service excellence by the following 4 inherent values:

  • Availability

We pledge prompt responsiveness to our clients and guarantee that feedback is provided to all questions and/or request within 48-hrs of primary communication.

  • Knowledge

We work to continuously improve our professional knowledge, which is openly shared with our clientele.

  • Pragmatic Problem-Solving

We provide our customers with the ad hoc assistance and advice expected from an industry leading immigration service.

  • Result-Driven

Migrabel’s priority is delivering results for personal immigration (e.g. providing individuals with their Belgian work permit in a timely manner) and as a corporate solution (e.g. managing the immigration processes of the corporate global workforce, providing corporate clients with a cost efficient global mobility policy, etc.).