Migrabel believes in long-term relationships with both our clients as our professional partners which we achieve by being

c27ac1b26193a8f0fca11a94a0a81082PART OF YOUR SUCCESS – We subscribe ourselves in the vision, mission and values of you, our client, by adopting specific protocol agreements uniquely linked to your company. We want to become a part of your success by providing you with wins on several levels.

Whereby we offer

c27ac1b26193a8f0fca11a94a0a81082SERVICE EXCELLENCE – For us, your employees are our employees. We guarantee an exceptional start to end service towards your high valued employees whereby we remain continuously available both to you as to your employee(s) and his/her family during their respective immigration processes.

c27ac1b26193a8f0fca11a94a0a81082AVAILABILITY – We remain regulary in contact with you, our client, in a weekly or 2weekly contact in order to identify and anticipate possible immigration escalations to which your employees are or will be confronted.

c27ac1b26193a8f0fca11a94a0a81082WINS – A long-term relationship will lead to many wins for your company such as important cost efficiencies will be made as our prices are highly competitive within the Belgian global employment market, high employee satitisfaction, smooth global mobility immigration processes of your employees and other wins.

The durable relationship with you as professional partner is achieved if you

c27ac1b26193a8f0fca11a94a0a81082SHARE OUR GUIDING VALUES – It is a priority for Migrabel that our professional partners firmly believe in our guiding values of Integrity, of Personal Interaction With Our Clients and of a high standard of Service Excellence being a top-level know-how of the respective field of competence, a continuouse availability towards the client and a result-driven attitude.